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had a few drinks last night back in the hostel after seeing the xmas lights being turned on in the park...strangest thing ever..not the normal xmas things but rather some mushrooms, flowers, and butterflies...didnt know what to think about the whole thing but that seems to be their interpretation..who are we to judge eh?haha

got to bed at 1 ish and got into the disgustin bed again for 1 more night.codnt wait to get up in the morning.had breakie and headed straight for the bus station to go to bucuramanga..bus was 2 and a half was the worst journey of our whole trip..there were curves the whole way...360degree turns and the bus journey was overtaking everyone..scenery was amazing.we went through a canyon but i had to keep my eyes closed to stop myself from vommiting..we all managed to do it but it was a very close call!!

got to bucuramanga and taxi took us to the hostel..and wow!!!hostel is only open 4 months so everything is so clean and it is very homely and the best of all was that there were only 2 more ppl stayin in the whole hostel...mid week is so good.we had a tv to ourselves so we spent the day in front of the tv..the 3 of us are very very happy!