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can u believe that we actually have sore arms today from carryin the blocks yesterday!talk about u can see how little exercise im actually doin!!!!!!!!!!rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... i had a lie in this morning..i have a big day ahead of me 2moro..goin to climb a volcano 6000m high...everyone i have talked to has called me crazy for doing this.. met a guy whose friends tried to climb this volcano...they failed miserably the 1st time and the 2nd time they made it to 100m from the top..they stopped for a drink of water and fell asleep for 4 badly sunburned and didnt get to the top..the locals are calling me crazy too!im determined to do it now but im very scared about it to be honest.. none of the girls are gonna do it..i will crawl to the top if i have to! need to get the equipment for 2moro..its gonna be minus 8 degrees!!!we need ice packs too.that should be fun... gonna head to the cinema 2nite to get my mind off it..good sleep needed 2nite!say a prayer for me...will be back on sat...