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so had a bit of a lie in this morning and wasnt up until 9.30..andy had some breakie..i didnt cos i cant eat just before exercise but he can!!we headed to climb camelback was similar to the inca trail in that there were steps and gravel everywhere so we started off wit a warm up running there...built up a sweat.i couldnt believe how many ppl were was so good to see that many ppl running..really impressed by it all. so at the bottom of the trail we started running but there were so many ppl around it was hard to keep a was very tough on the legs but great fun...we ran for about 10 mins...really was out of breath when we took a break...but it felt really good.kept heading up but we walked for some parts cos it was just too steep..we mixed it up a took 35 mins to get to the top.although my calves were aching i really felt good when we got to the top and not only that ...the view from the top was really really some nice pics..

we headed back down after a breather for 10 on the back to the town at 1..i was really hungry at that stage so we went for brunch and then headed to play tennis.i watched andy play wit a guy who went pro for a bit too and my head was dizzy watching them play.the pace was so fast and they were both really good.i really enjoyed it...took a few pointers so im gonna go pro when i get back home to ireland.haha...after watching them i hit the ball around abit wit andy.been years since i played so i felt very rusty but i could keep a bit of a rally goin wit andy,.he played wit his left hand...haha...we played for about half an hour..felt so good. then we played a bit of squash to that so i didnt have any idea what i was doing but it was really good fun...i felt extra fit after all of that .dont even think andy broke much of a sweat.the shame!!!but hey im not training!!!thatīs my excuse anyway.

so andy headed off to an open house meeting and i did a bit of shopping to get him a pressie and i had to go to abercrombie before i left.then we headed out for a night on the town...we went for a really nice meal in scottsdale and after went to an irish pub where i was disappointed not to find 1 irish person there...but it was a nice bar all the same...we stayed out until 1ish...then i think andy had enough of it..heīs not a drinker so i think that was too much for was definitely my best day in the states great fun!