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had a very productive day today.

up at 7 to try and organise our trip.plan was to leave for jaco today but we decided not to when we rang our accomodation there and turns out it isnt free until sunday. but we dont mind that cos we are in a brand new apartment complex with tv,phone, pool, washer, dryer, 3 bedrooms, balcony and dining room.we are gonna be living in luxury for the next week.

we took a walk around san jose and went for a lovely lunch where we treated ourselves..once again...haha

went to the theatre this evening..was extremely different to what we expected...was a dance festival...or so entitled...1st scene was a naked woman wiggling her arms in the air...showing us the journey of life...was so strange...we went into fits of laughter which wasnt very appropriate but it was so so strange that we couldnt help it.

the whole 2 hours were exactly the more nakedness but very strange moves and so called dancing which was really just wiggling arms...we call it abstract was so odd...

came home feeling so strange but it was definitely something we will remember for a long time...

heading to jaco 2moro for sure..will be there for the next week at least..gettin some surfing in...