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RSS FEED was just crap today so we couldnt go anywhere near the beach but i did get to do a run.the previous run i did was on sunday and i cut the backs of my ankles so i ran like a bit of a retard today but i did better than i thought.ran for about an hour...there were strong winds around too but i made it..just about!!!im not feeling too motivated about fitness right now..i think itīs cos im fed up with just running..i wanna do some sport now!

looked up flights for a few hours in the evening...we booked the flights to san francisco which we got for 450 was quite good when u consider ya pay 1200euro to dublin from buenos aires..we are doing it the longer route and gonna get san francisco in before we go home..and ive decided to go back to phoenix for a few days too..before gettin back in time for the irish open in Baltray and i made the year!!!