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was collected this morning at 8am...have all the gear..the ice pick, sticks, hiking boots, trousers, jacket, tent, mattress and sleeping bag.didnt sleep the best cos i was slightly worried about what was to come..turns out there are 6 guys and me...they are all really good climbers or are in the army...hmm...i was in for it.this was the 1st mountain/volcano that i was gonna climb and i chose one of the highest in south me eh!

we drove for 3 hours on  a muck track to get to where the car could go not further..this wasnt anything like the inca trail.we had to carry everything..including cutlery and the food!!!talk about extremes...we were dropped off at 5000m and walked for 300m up to base camp...where we set up our own tent and had dinner at 4pm which consisted of soup and raw veggies added...not the tastiest..nor was the spaghetti with tomato sauce that came we planned to start day 2 at 2am...we were more or less sent to bed after dinner..i felt like i was 5 again...ha