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got the night bus last night and we decided to count how many times the bus almost crashed on the way..from 10pm until about 11.30 there were 2 close calls.the bus actually went off the side of the road the 2nd time.decided to close our eyes after that and didnt have the best sleep but it wasnt too bad either...

we got to santa marta at 7am and went to a hostel listed on one of the wasnt the best but did the job..for the day anyways..we went back to bed until 12 until the heat was too unbearable that we had to get out of bed.santa marta is definitely not a pretty place but the beach isnt too ugly...we went for a walk along the beach and then headed out for a meal in the some curry..yummy!headed back to the hostel to watch some tv but it was then that we discovered the white insects on andrea´s bed and there was a huge cockroach on the side of the wall and a few more outside the sitting room. the only option we had was to go on a night out so we could conk out when we got back..which was what we did.we went to a bar that was selling cocktails for 7dollars for a free bar..good or what?!so we took advantage and stayed out until 4am..when we got back..we just closed our eyes and chose not to see all the insects around us..rotten!