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up for breakie this morning at 9...breakie is included in the hostel but mam wanted some extras so popped out to the supermarket across the road and we had an extra nice breakie this morning.afterwards we decided to take a walk around buenos aires.unfortunately it was lashing rain so we were very restricted wit what we could we walked down calle florida and went into a mall to shelter from the rain.we obviously couldnt buy anything cos it was the most expensive place in buenos aires but we enjoyed the walk around.

the afternoon was taken up with a city tour and we were lucky cos we did it in a closed bus so we got to see everything but didnt get wet in the to see teatro colon, plaza de mayo, the presidentīs house, the biggest catholic church in buenos aires to name a few..not to mention la boca with their colourful houses..the tour lasted 3 hours and by the time we got back to the hostel we were soaking and didnt feel like heading out again so we cooked for the mammys in the was a lovely meal in the end!go us!

stayed up until about 1..these women can me!haha