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we got up at 5 and completely forgot that we wouldnt have electricity so we had to pack and dress in the dark..its a hard job when u have everythin everywhere and u need to put on contact u wont be surprised to hear that i lost one..very angry about that!haha...

we left our digs at 6am and headed to salar de uyuni..our last day of our trip..the salt flats are 12, flat...niamh tasted it and it didnt taste very salty!we were meant to see the sunrise but it was too was the coldest morning yet.we took the pics of the so called sunrise and then headed to the viewpoint.climbing some of the hills was tough work.haha...then the fun part was takin pictures and messing wit the camera for about an hour on the flats..the pictures are really cool.we were there for about an hour doing that!then we headed to the salt hotel.they dont joke when they say everythin is made of salt but it was far too cold to stay in...we didnt spend long there...our 4x4 broke down so we needed to push it twice..the pics are for real here.haha...we saw them workin on the salt flats so they do use the salt for something.the tour finished there and we headed to uyuni itself-we got there close to 11.

next plan was to decide how we were goin to get to potosi from there.none of us wanted to stay the night in uyuni cos there was nothing to do we asked our guide to take us there...just him..but he was very honest and said we would have to go the agency and get a price from there..we could have got it for much cheaper but in the end we just paid the 30dollars each.not too bad for a 6 hour journey that would take about 10 on a bus.we trusted this guide too and seeing the roads to potosi we were more and more happier wit the decision. a bus could barely fit on these roads and there was no was made of sand but the views were magnificent!!!have to admit we were a bit nervous goin there.we got to potosi at 8 last night..wrecked from sittin in a car for 4 days..our hostal was really nice and only 4dollars each night..bolivia is cheap thank wanted to eat so we headed to bed at 9pm..not very fun for a sat night eh!