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we got up at 9 to take a tour of el coquimbo...we got a bus taxi to go to the fishmarket and we also found out that el coquimbo is gonna be host to the world cup womens u20 when we got there we went on a mission to find the wasnt finished though so we couldnt actually go in but we did have a bit of fun with the 100 builders around the stadium instead...

el coquimbo is quite a run down is a port town but this event should bring them some money...nice to see that for them...we had a tasty fish lunch before heading back to la serena.

we got back to la serena and bought our tickets for the soccer match on sunday. they cost 100dollars EACH!!!we werent sure whether to buy them but it was a once in a lifetime chance so we went for it.

more bad news when we got back...we couldnt go see the stars AGAIN!!!stupid clouds made it impossible!!we did little for the evening...just hoped that we could go and see the penguins!