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did our own surfing today..up at 6.30 is nearly like a job..but a good one... we didnt take a lesson today...just did our own self turned out to stand up on the board most of the time...the waves are 1 metre so im still quite scared... we surfed for 2 hours....then headed back for breakie..what an eatin porridge so it is working well. in the afternoon we just stayed at the pool.then we met sarah and the other guys...bad news though...their bag was robbed on the way in the bus..they lost over 2,500dollars worth of things..2 cameras,mp3,mini play station and games...majorly bad.... went to the police station with them and had to do some translation but having been in the situation i knew the questions to ask... felt so bad that they lost their stuff cos they only came to see us so feelin a bit responsible for the whole thing... went out for dinner together and got home to bed for 10..up at 6.30 again 2moro so need rest....