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up again at about 9 for a nice breakie..cereal and all let me add.we had thought about goin to uruguay today but the weather was still quite bad so we held it off.gonna go 2moro cos the forecast is good.we went to buy the tickets for the ferry to colonia..turns out we need to go 1st class 2moro..haha..some free champers for us!!

it was still quite a nice day so we walked around the areas of recoleta and went to the cemetery there and then on to a park where they had a huge flower made of metal..nice pictures there...we walked for about 4 hours and mam was exhausted..i dont think i realised how much we actually walked. got back to the hostel at 6 ish and we had to get ready for the musical..we were goin to see evita...typical argentinian musical. we had dinner in a restaurant just beside the theatre..i had spanish paella and it was so luverly...and the musical topped it was one of the best things i have seen.from start to finish i was really impressed..and to make matters even better the actress was a famous argentinian actress and was almost 70 years old yet she had so much life in her. it was 2 and a half hours and paula (andrea´s mam) thought it was one of the best musicals she had ever seen...cos they included real footage in made it all the more special she that can give u an idea. we headed back to the hostel and were in bed for 12..heading to colonia in uruguay 2moro