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had a nice lie in this morning even though i woke up and my mouth was like sandpaper and snots blocked my entire nose...sorry for the vulgurness but im not exaggerating!!!we got up for breakie at 8 and headed back to bed for a few hours. accordin to lonely planet we are in the highest city in the world..4500m above sea level.we are all feelin it a little..especially in the breathing...

got up and had a nice shower at last..u really feel the lack of showers here..but this one was perfect.plan for today is just to take a walk around potosi and tomorrow we are goin to the extremely nervous about this but i am gonna force myself to do it.claustrophia is not the word for these.apparenly ur body just fits in the tunnels...say a prayer for me...they are doin dynamite explosions too.hope to get good pics from it..u will see why i am so scared now!!!