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up at 9 for some breakie today and then headed to the ferry for 10 cos we had to be there an hour before docking.the ferry was really comfy and we got the extra stamps on the passport...duty free on it took us an hour to get was a really warm day.we couldnt have picked a better day to go..mam wasnt feeling 100% though so we just walked around the little has a mixture of portuguese and spanish architecture so it was a really pretty place to visit.we went to the top of the lighthouse to get a nice view..paula didnt realise until she got to the top that she was actually afraid of heights!haha.....mam stayed below...her neck was sore..we went to a museum and then a long long lunch which lasted 3 hours almost and then we strolled back to the ferry which left at 7 and we got back to the hostel at about 9 that night...

it was a really nice day...unfortunately mam wasnt feeling the best so we just took it easy..flying to iguazu 2moro so need an early night anyway.