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today was a day to

we decided to go down the potosi silver mines..what a great experience..a scary one too of course....we were collected at 9 this morning and brought to put on our gear for the mines. smelly boots, a helmet, jacket and trousers..we looked the part.

we stopped off first at the miner's market where we bought 96% vol bottled alcohol, coca leaves, dynamite and soft drinks as presents for the miners when we got there....we stopped off at the cerro where we had a beautiful view of potosi...then we exploded some dynamite and niamh ended up being an assistant!it was scary and we all screamed from the noise of the explosion.

next...we went into the mines..there were 10 of us so i didnt feel so scared.the first level was quite spacious relative to a mine.there we worshipped the devil which is the minerīs god and met a miner who had been workin 5 years in the mine..after that we climbed down to the 2nd level..that was definitely smaller and dark but mind over matter got me through it.i had worse pictures in my head. we went down 3 levels..climbed up more ladders and crawled through small was scary and quite horrible to breathe in all the throat hurt for hours afterwards.

we got out and everyone's throats were so dry..we got back onto the bus and the stupid driver (who was outside the bus) left the handbrake on so we started rolling backwards towards the cliff...i was at the front so i had to grab the does actually sound more dramatic then it was but still..haha...

we got back to potosi near lunch..we are heading to la paz 2nite on a night bus.they are supposed to be horrible so letīs hope there are no crashes and we get there in one piece..we will see....