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another overnight bus to get to valparaiso...was 7 hours of pains..not the most comfortable journey for me unfortunately..valparaiso is listed in lonely planet as one of the best cities in south america..when we came into it on the looked a bit more like a knacker hole..haha..

we got to our hostel at 9..had free breakie and then headed to bed for a bit.

we took a tour around valparaiso during the day...the views were nice and it turns out the city was alot nicer than we thought after all. we had a lovely lunch and then went down to the plaza to see the locals dance their local dance..was similar to irish dancing wit handkerchiefs...haha

in the evenin we went to vina del mar..a lot more pretty than valparaiso...the plan was to go to an ice bar there but when we got there they told us it was closed for we just went for a drink in an irish pub..nothing mad cos we are saving all our energy for the game 2moro!!!