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up at 6.30 again this morning.we had the others over for dinner so we cooked them a meal. come 10oclock i was falling asleep so i was first to head off to bed...i wanted a bit of a sleep to be able for the surfing. it has taken so much out of me and my arms are so sore.

had a lovely sleep but it was quite short....up at 6.30 and headed out to the waves and the beach at 7. waves were a lot smaller but today we went to a different level. We headed under the waves and climbed underneath the board so we could get out further. We started to surf where the wave started and not just where it was tough work but i loved board attachment broke...that isnt supposed to happen and the board went flyin.i didnt get injured though.just a slight whack on my bruises...

when we were sitting waiting for the wave..was so weird seeing fish jump out of the sea beside us...saw a huge stingray too.glad i had the board so they didnt eat my toes...

just went to the beach in the afternoon to watch some surfers...wont be doing much 2nite either..goin surfing tomorrow so will just have an early night me thinks.