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we decided to take a visit to national park tyrona which is 1hour from up at 8 to get all our stuff a bus to the entrance of the park, paid our entrance fee and then headed into the park.we should have taken a jeep but we decided to take a walk.we walked for about 40 mins to the 1st beach...but we decided to keep walkin and not stay there...continued on the road for another 15 mins where we met a patrol guy who brought us further up the park to the next main was a good walk after all and we still had to walk 45 mins along a muck track to get to the beach afterwards...the park had flooding recently and you could notice.

the beach was very pretty but cos of the rainy season the water wasnt clear and it was too dangerous to swim we had no sun to sunbathe but i did get to run on the beach and it felt so good!!!!i need more exercise!we left the beach at 3 and headed back to get the bus...and just when we were gettin back in the started to about perfect time.we got back at 5 to the hostel and took it easy for the evening.we start our courses 2moro so we need a good night´s sleep.