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AGAIN it lashed rain when we got up this morning.this time we got up early..8oclock..i was cockeyed gettin out of bed.we took a taxi to the beach where u could surf and the taxi man told us it was the calmest he had ever seen the sea...meaning NO WAVES...we said weŽd give it a shot anyways.we went onto the beach and it rained and was freezing.the plan to get a colour wasnt working out at all.we didnt surf cos it was impossible but rather went to mcdonalds for a coffee!i needed to wake up.we walked to the port to see if there were any night cruises we could do and if so we would take advantage. we walked down and there were only day cruises and they were overpacked so we opted it.

instead we decided to walk back to our part of town which took about 2 hours..which was where i got burnt..didnt feel any be honest it was cloudy and cold but when i got back to the hostel i saw the damage had been done!we headed to the beach for 2 hours after that..i got a bit burnt unfortunately...after that we both headed out for a our own directions of course...i did a great 1 run through the town and along the sea but i waited until the sun had gone in...felt great afterwards.we went out for a meal to a nice italian in the centre..was one of the best italians i have been to since arriving in SA...good choice sascha..