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up for our flight today even though it isnt too early.we had a bit of a walk around and then headed to the htere at around 4pm.the flight wasnt too nice..u can ask my mam...we hit a bit of bad turbulance and everyone got a big fright...but it was ok.

it was so clammy when we got off the plane and according to the taxi driver it was about u can guess how hot it felt.we got to the hostel and it definitely wasnt as nice as the one in buenos aires but it was still cute in itself wit colourful hammocks and flowers to brighten it up. we went to meet sarah and tommy in the evening cos it was their last day there. a storm looked like it was brewing but it passed in 5 mins.sarah and tommy met us at about 8 and afterwards we left the mammys home and went for a few drinks ourselves..we ended up in a casino cos there were no other options.the town itself is quite small so we didnt have much choice but the drinks were cheap and it was good fun.we even bet a bit at the end.we headed back to the hostel at about 2 and the plan was to be up for 9am!