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headed back to santiago at 1...2 hour bus journey back from flew by..had a lovely sleep but didnt have the best time comprehending the fact that some insect had been biting me all night and it wasnt bedbugs or mosquitos..dont even wanna know what it was!!!

we got back to our hostel and headed out to buy some food and wine before the big game excited!!!we are on a budget so it is tough work tryin to get nice and cheap food. we cooked food straight away and then started to get ready...we had some glasses of wine and then we painted some flags on each others faces..great this stage we were routing for chile...

we left for the metro at was at 9 so we had plenty of time. we arrived at the stadium at 8.we went to find the toilet 1st cos we had loads of time to get ready. we never found the toilets and even worse when we got to the gates..they wouldnt let us in..sayin that the stadium was completely full...we got extremely annoyed wit the guards there and roared our hearts out at them..the anger i felt at that moment was dangerous..haha...we shouted some more and after about 30 mins they let us in..after payin so much money for a ticket we were put no where near our seats but rather on the steps leading to the different u can guess we no longer supported chile..we threw our hats and flags on the ground and rubbed our facepaints off and went to the small section of brazilian supporters that was there..and it was the best choice by far!!the atmosphere was great there and we were about 10 rows from the u could see ronaldino perfectly...

we had a great laugh and it was even better when brazil scored 3 ur face chile!!!!hahaha

we got home close to 12...we roared a bit at the chileans as we left the stadium...lucky we didnt get into more trouble with the cheeky mouths on us..but they deserved it!hahaha