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nice day out 2day..fresh but not too cold so we headed to the beach for an hour and chatted with the lifeguards..

had lunch and then headed down to see how the soccer was gonna work.i was actually a bit nervous headin there.planned on just watching but there were only 6 of us so i gladly joined in. andrea was great.she came down wit me for support but realised that she was gonna be really bored so headed off.none of the girls on the team spoke english so it was tough to follow all the drills.the talent wasnt the best but it was so good to play football has been 11 months after all....on the winning team wit our little game..i was panting after about 5 minutes of sprinting...felt unfit alright!ha..but 2 of the girls invited me to play on friday wit them..mixed teams wit the boyfriends so im gonna head down and see how it goes..

just relaxed for the evening...i couldnt stop smiling after gettin to play soccer again..let alone in argentina!!!