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wasnt up until 8 this rained last night so i couldnt get back to the shop to rent a surfboard..bit of a pain but i went for a run wasnt too hot so that was good but the beach is full of rivers and soft sand so it was hard to run well...i walked a bit and then ran a bit..bout an was happy wit that.

spent the afternoon on my tod..the girls rented out bikes and went around jaco where i wasnt really bothered so i just headed to the beach for a bit.

rented out boards for the afternoon and went out wit niamh...tried to get the waves from the beginning...before they broke..i did a few full tumble turns on some of the was hard tryin to start by myself but i did get some. the girls got some pics near the shore....

spent 2 and a half hours in the water so we were wrecked when we got out. did some shopping and cooked steak for dins..gotta compare it to the argentinian steak when we get there..

watched a dvd and i struggled to stay awake.bed at 11