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our plan today was to go and see river plate play in a live soccer match.1st game of the league so we needed to head back early to buenos aires to get it organised.we were up at 8am and took the 9oclock bus back to buenos there at 2 and when we arrived at the hostel,we found out that the stadium was 2 hours away and the game started at 5 so again something else didnt work out for us.

so instead we decided to go to la boca and rented out bikes to get there..we cycled around buenos aires for 4 bum was sore after it all but it was really enjoyable bar when sascha broke the pedal on his bike and i was petrified cycling on the other side of the road..especially when they were main roads. we went to la boca and then to the laguna and through el 9 de julio and then to la plaza where they have live shows on a was really a lot of of the better days of travelling since i got back to being a traveller again.

i looked out for things to do when mam gets here.i think she will like it here alright.

in the evening we went to the plaza for some food wit 2 really nice australian girls from the hostel.there was live music and fire fighters in the plaza entertaining us as we was a lot of fun.we got back to the hostel at 1am..i fell into back in the hostel that we stayed in back in august..seems like such a long time ago.i guess it is!!!