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i only had 2 (big) vodkas last night but i woke up this morning feeling like death!!!my stomach was all over the place and by the time we had breakie and we walked to buy some food for lunch i was running to the toilet..i couldnt hold the sick down any longer and i didnt even feel better afterwards. i headed to the pharmacy to settle my stomach but i wasnt able for the trip to the waterfalls...andrea and paula went and mam stayed at home to mind felt very strange to be gettin sick and have mam rub my back..nice too though..

i had a lie down for a few hours and the medicine i took seemed to do the trick.mam stayed outside in the hammock reading and then we headed for some was very overcast and the girls got soaked when they went but they still had a great time.whether it is a storm or not 2moro there is no way that im gonna miss these famous waterfalls....

we headed out for food in an absolutely gorgeous restaurant recommended to us by sarah..i was glad that the sickness didnt stop me eating!!!