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up at 5am today to go on a day trek up to a lake called lake 69 and the name comes from the number of lakes in the district..(this one just had no other name so they called it by its number..not very clever but anyway)...we were collected..the 5 of us..sascha (german) has joined our group now...we drove for 2 and a half hours to 3900m where we started the trek. we didnt expect it to be as difficult as it was ...there was a big incline but i guess having done the volcano i didnt find it too hard..

we trekked for 3 hours up to the lake..the scenery around us was just out of this world...nicer than the inca far...we got to the lake at is at 4500m..and is so peaceful.. had lunch and admired the view for a bit..

then headed back to the 4x4 which took about 2 soon as i got back to the car..i conked out for about an hour...

we got back to the hostel at 5 and then got ready to go out...buttttt..plans didnt go as we wanted..both sarah and niamh werent well so they decided not to go out even though niamh is leavin us 2moro for and and andrea shared a bottle of wine..had a nice chat wit sascha and were in bed before midnight...