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got up bright and early today and the sky was clear blue when we left...andrea and paula were coming later cos they had seen half of the falls already and were tired from all the walkin around.

we got to the falls at about 10 and i rushed mam straight to the devilīs throat which was by far the most was actually breath taking..all of these waterfalls falling together and the noise and sheer power of them was unreal. this was one of the best things that i have seen on my trip.mam was really impressed too. we stayed there for an hour and then did the upper circuit which showed all the waterfalls from the top down..looking down showed the power but i looked forward to seeing it from the bottom up.there were so many different waterfalls and they were really really pretty ones. we stopped for lunch after doin the top circuit and i gave mam a rest for about 15 mins and then we were gone again. we did the lower circuit and then went on the boat trip which brought us under a waterfall and we got was so much fun..mam was nervous but she enjoyed it alot..we had to change at the side of the path to continue onto the san martin island...there we climbed about 100 steps..fair play to mam.she kept goin all day..we walked for about 6 hours in the heat..sore legs all round..but it was a great day.we got back at 6ish to the hostel and got a trickly shower before andrea and paula got back.they said that there was a huge difference between the 2 days. today was so much better when the sun was out!we went out for a big steak that night...and then had an early night.we had a flight at 11am back to buenos aires and mam was already nervous about the flight back.