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Today got a query for treatment of arthritis and the patient is coming from Nagpur.This patient is known to Dr Dakshine.I would target to popularize this treatment that can offer pain relief for large no of patients who are unwilling for TKR etc. I already floated the idea during my visit to Indore and Nagpur regarding this in my recent visits.I shall also contact people of hemophilia forum for this. With availability of indigenous medicine in India the things will be better in coming days. The treatment of Arthritis has been difficult as there are varieties of medication available but none of these are free from side effect and the pain relief offered is not complete and many patients would need alternative procedure that can offer better pain control for longer period. Radioactive instillation of medication intrarticular is a safer and more effective approach in multiple patients who suffer from debilitating arthritis. In our practice also we have seen excellent result for long term control of pain in arthritic patients using Radioactive medication given intrarticular this procedure is called Radiosynovectomy. please see the reference of some of Rheumatologist who subscribe to my view.