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As there are 5 more days to go for the new year to dawn in it is time to ponder about our goals and plan for the new year ahead. Many would like to celebrate the new year with lots of pomp and ceremony on 31st night to bid good by to Year 2008.I would like to sit alone and ponder what I have achieved and what I need to do to reach my goal that this life is for rather than enjoy this last most vital day of my life. This day is most important for all to reflect on which direction our life is heading for in this new year and what will we try to improve to make the year 2009 more successful to live. This year there has been many lapses and also some gain in terms of the goal directed living and I would like to live more usefully the coming days in the new year. The last week I had visited the shrine of Sirdi Saibaba and saw huge crowd who came to get the blessing of the spiritual master.I ponder do we really seek betterment of our life if so why not we catch the bull by its horn rather than waiting for the days to pass to month and than to year. I think the human mind is the biggest cheater which tells us that next year will be better than this year and with this hope we live the life though the next year also same mistakes may be committed and our goal may be pushed ahead as it happened this year. Our mind always keeps us in the fantasy world and makes us imaging a better life and not prepared to pay the price to do what is necessary to reach the goal. Thus the mind plays tricks on us and misleads us year after year and still we are where we are without heading an inch in the direction in which we should head. This year has been ofcourse nice year as I could achieve some of my goal eg setting the things in order and taking the opportunity that came on my way life lecturing the International congress of Neuroendocrine tumor at Toronto being invited in last Oct for the same and attending the training at TUM Munich for Molecular imaging however there were many more things that I had dream t to achieve this year but alas the same still is yet to come. I shall take care that mistakes committed this year will not repeat the coming year. May this coming year be full of peace,bliss and may I be more caring to my family and to my patients to give them best that I can do for them.