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What a way to spend New Years day - feeling sorry for myself with the efffects of flu still lingering. I am happy though stroking my new laptop - I am highly delighted and amazed that Santa managed to find me the very one that is ideal in every way; bags of memory, smaller and lighter and a fantastic screen.

Though it has been difficult to do any 'sensible' or 'useful' this holiday, at least Alan and I sat down this morning and sketched in the dates of the fairs we are intending to attend or book.  Shame there is no good venue for January but I am sure that a few weeks will be needed tidying up and making a small stock for later.  There is always work to be done on website.

However bad I felt though (hehe) I did manage a few trips into Warcraft where I gained a few epic items and placed things on Auction.  I logged on at 12 last night and materialised right on top of Jenny who yelled 'HELLO AUNTIE' in big red embarrassing in the auction house.  For Christmas she had bought me a loot card which involved having to fly down to Stranglethorn Vale to obtain the reward - Pet biscuits and party poppers on this occasion!  Then we portalled to Dalaran to checkout the pet shop and buy a few necessaries. 

There are so many exciting and interesting things to do this year!  I am looking forward to getting into the studio to have a complete tidy up and clear out.