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Jobs & Job Workshops & more Job Seminars!

Overseas & Local Students are demanding more & more availability to Job Workshops, Job Seminars in Adelaide, South Australia.

These students are participating in very short-courses: 2 hour interactive Job Workshop Seminars &, are open to learning new techniques, interview techniques/ styles & approaches to their online & in-personal job applications in gaining part-time & casual employment.

As a result, the Job Workshop Seminars are also boosting the morale & motivational levels of the overseas students in particular, in which English is their second language & may not have previously had the confidence to approach employers & ask for work. Since completing the Job Seminars these students appear now to have the confidence to find a job in Adelaide & approach employers directly & ask for a job.

I wish all the students every success & hope they all gain meaningful employment whilst they are here in Adelaide!

Students can also contact me for further mentoring services.

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