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Joined a small crowd of producers/vidographer/editos last night to check out the new offering of grass Valley, Edius 6. I had heard of this product, but not had any experience, as I have always used Sony Vegas for all my video editing. 

The things that stood out from my perspective, was its fast and very real-time, full resolution, preview....something you only sort of get with Vegas, as it tends to scale down the picture, to a lower quality version..

Also very powerful real-time filters...which means no slow down if you add some stylization to your video.

Edius 6 is in the $900 bracket so a bit more expensive than Vegas, but from what I saw, is very powerful and definitely a step up from comments around the room.

Heres a list of features...

 EDIUS blows any other video editor away with its real time multi format editing capabilities.

• Work natively with many different video formats, such as Sony’s XDCAM, Panasonic’s P2, Ikegami’s GF,and now Canon’s XF format and EOS movie format

• Windows 7, XP, and Vista support
• Fast, flexible user interface, including unlimited video, audio, title, and graphics tracks
• Real-time editing and conversion of different resolutions, as high as 4K/2K resolution to as low as 24×24
• Real-time editing and conversion of different frame rates, such as 60p/50p, 60i/50i, and 24p
• Proxy mode workflow by switching timeline between proxy/hi-res mode
• Nested timeline sequences
• GPU-accelerated 3D transitions
• Real-time effects, keyers, transitions, and titles
• Multicamera editing of up to 16 different sources simultaneously
• Direct to Blu-ray Disc and DVD timeline export
• Export in AVCHD format to a media card
• High-value software bundle includes filters, effects, image stabilization, and VST audio plug-ins

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