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Merry Christmas Everyone !!!

Thought I'd better put out a BLOG for the latest track I released yesterday on Youtube and Reverbnation.

Being Christmas, thought I needed to put out a nice simple piece for Crimbo.
Probably track fro the year, as madness and chaos persues me down the festive path !

I rember this next track from years ago and decided to add the SKUNK spin to it !

Its taken from a 30 minute animated film created for UK tv featuring a friendly snowman. Based on a childrens book. Its such a lovely piece it needed to be subtly tweaked from a classical orchestral piece to a synthy wash.
I took the basic 4 part harmony and added a very simple dum using the Kaos Pad 3 (yes the one I intended to put on eBay) thought I'd give the old thing another run for its money, and see what could be done with it. As the Kaoss Pad is more of a realtime effect box, it has a simple drum controlled by putting the finger on a screen, and changing the style as you move your finger. This I simply recorded into Propellerhead / Reason while playing the main track sequence.

Anyway enough of the technicals and hopefully you will enjoy it !

YOUTUBE  &  ReverbNation

Enjoy !

The Snowman was a 1982 award wining 30 minute animation by Dianne Jackson,
based on a childrens book by Raymond Briggs.
A 4 minute segment contained a piece of music composed by Howard Blake
and originally sung by Peter Auty.