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Again...been along time since the last Blog....

Its been a hot few weeks down here in South Australia, Adelaide. Nearly
non-stop airconditioner.  With temperatures in the top 30's most of the
time, its been hard to get down to making music.

I did manage to get together a remix of a classic track "Magic Fly" by
Space, an electronic music group from 1977....This track was always a
favourite of mine, and so it had to be done, hopefully I haven't destroyed
the essence of what made it such a classic.

I scrabbled together a trippy video to go with it...

Check out : -


On other news, I had to re-submit my Video to RAGE (ABC TV) as the
original Video was damaged in the post and was shelling
out another couple of hundred $ to create another 2 tapes...just incase...

Oh why cant RAGE take High Quality AVI on DVD ???? - rather than some
digital Beta tapes, which means specialist studio equipment...ok enough
of my whining... Fingers crossed for it to be played this weekend...

Keeping an eye on the listing (they get updated on Friday)

Ok...I'd better get back to work !....