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The 3D Animated Music Video

Finally put the finishing touches to the Music Video I have been creating over the last four or five weeks. Things really came together this week with the last renderings of the animation in place on Wednesday.

I completed the mixing of the music and video last night.

The major time consumption of this piece was the 3D rendering in Poser 8.  Animation consisting of about 1000 frames in total, taking a good few hours of dedicated computing to create. This isn't at the highest quality either. I decided to comprimise on this to get the piece out and do a Full render if the piece gains any interest. As alone this could take 4 to 5000 minutes to do. Still the quality is pretty good.

Anyway, after making a few changes to the music to give a theme to the piece, I feel the music is sitting well with the visual. There were a few re-renders required to fit some of the animation with the music, but I think it has come together really well.

The whole thing was mixed in Sony Vegas with a total of 3 layers of visual and the music track. This was great fun, blending the various aspects of trippy visuals with the 3D animation...

Anyway...take a look at the video yourself
and please do give feedback !