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He's back ....Ok been a few weeks now and been soooo busy with other things its been too hectic .......

However - did managed to crank out a few tracks in the meantime
(not my own creations but a re-creation and BLINDSKUNK spin of two classic tracks)

FlashDance & PopCorn

FlashDance Music & Video (YouTube)

Popcorn Music & Video (YouTube)

They were great to re-create and the video were really fun.

The Flashdance Video was the most complex and for the first time I decided to use
Photoshop to process the video. The video was first split into its individual frames (some 7000-8000)
using VirtualDub. Once this was done, I took a frame from the middle of the video and selected a few
different filters and messed with the layers to create an effect. This I then recorded in the Actions panel of
Photoshop, then Automated the processing of the 7000+ frames with this action.
This took a few hours but the effect it came out with is very surreal and actually seems to look
more complicated than it actually is...After processing, I re-used VirtualDub to combine the frames.
Because its a bit mroe complicated than just adding music to the track, I used Sony Vegas to synch up
the music Track.

The Popcorn Video was a bit of fun as I have got myself a 35mm converter attachment for my HiDef video
camera. This little attachment is pretty neat and allows proper 35mm Canon EF-S lenses to be attached to the
video camera. Using a 50mm 1.8f stop lense I can focus in on things in a far more controlled way.

I mounted the camera directly above a popcorn maker and filmed the process in HD. As you can see the popcorn
popping up actually goes out of focus, so I had to adjust it manually a short way through. As the popcorn actually
popped within a few minutes, I had to cycle the footage in Vegas, to lengthen the process. As usual I added some
Winamp screen grabs to the mix and chrome keyed it together with the sound track..

Anyway, I hope you enjoy both tracks...Give me some feedback (good or Bad !!!)

Over and Out for now !!!