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It has been a sad day for BLINDSKUNK - 22 Feb 2011

Last night BLINDSKUNK's Facebook was removed by the site admin and the only explanation was that my account was fake.

I have appealed, but from other people that have been removed, I doubt I will get it back...

Those 4000+ people I knew I no longer have contact too, so hopefully they will not miss me for long....and move on..

I have been using this account for many years now, and found it a great way of putting day to day information easily.

This is a very dark day for the skunk and is a wakeup call to all people using the site, not to rely on it always being around.

With a instant cutoff like this it does make me feel sad for the people that may have relied on Facebook to promote

their business, luckily I dont rely on Skunk as a part of my living...

SKUNK has always tried to help other musicians as best he can, and this was a great way of getting to know them...

I hope you guys still follow me as best you can,

I might just start using blogging instead...

Facebook has just become another cold place for me..

BLINDSKUNK (RIP on FB) 22 Feb 2011