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I managed to add a blog withing the same month as the last !!!

Anyway, here's a little information on my latest track.


I've always wanted to create an ambient tune, but also wanted to do a video to accompany it.. so need to come up with a plan !

Anyway, hit on the idea of mounting a camera on the front on the car and driving into the beach and sunset...

Luckily Adelaide has a coast on the west !!!

So a couple of nights back, on a lovely evening, located the time of the sunset and then drove to the beach. Takes roughly 20-30 mins so timed it just right...shame I couldn't locate a direct view of the sea from the car park !! - but the seagulls gave me an interesting all is not lost..

(Yes you will have to watch all 6 minutes to see this)

I recorded it in 1080i (HD) video with a wide angled lense to start with, but as it takes so long to upload to YouTube - I just couldn't be bothered with a massive file !!!

So down scaled it to 720p (1280x720) and scaled it to the Music, giving it an overal 4-5x speed - which looks rather good. I then did a few different processes on the final image to give a sort of Tilt-Shift feel to the video and to try and mask out number plates... Still ended up about 175Mbytes.

The music was actually fun to create too as I really played with Propellerhead Reason/Records filtering and Combinators to create some very rich textures, which actually rarely repeat, which gives a rythmic feel ontop of the harmonies...

I actually had to hold back with some of the parts I started to add, as I got carried away, but realised it wouldn't sound ambient and dreamy if it got too complicated...

Hopefully I have done a good job .... only you guys can tell me that..

I really enjoyed this piece..

Enjoy too...

YOUTUBE HD VIDEO HERE (Dont forget to watch in full screen and HD)