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Hey there readers of the BLINDSKUNK - long live the Ancients of Moo Moo.

Today decided to have a bit of a clue up on changing the way a flash component is used with in GrandVJ by Arkaos.

For you out there unfamiliar with GrandVJ, its video DJ application allowing the triggering of visuals from the simple signals from MIDI. This allows the midi signals to be recorded while VJ'ing and therfore a reproducable video production. Some of you may have already read the article I wrote about this using the Yamaha Tenori-ON... http:///

Anyway what I was looking for is a better solution to FLASH once triggered by GrandVJ. Wouldn't it be great if further midi triggers could alter the flash. (different ones than the GrandVJ ofcourse). On a simple level, altering perhaps words or graphical representations inside the flash. Rather than creating an instance of all the various permitations as single flash files triggered by GrandVJ.

Now the major issue here is that Flash natively does not suppot MIDI in any shape or form, So a third party interface is required to convert the midi stream into something that flash can read.

Here is where I have currently come unstuck. I have found one source of code, but as I am using Windows 7 and 64bit, things are even more limited for me at a driver level. Also the code was written for Flash 8 - and we are currently in the World of Flash10.... when i tried it all out, it kept freezing...

If anyone else knows of some solution to this problem...please do drop me a line !
(the one I found and doesn't seem to work 100% - Alex Isaac FlashMidi component)